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September 5th, 6th & 7th

Celtic World Forum is a new immersive experience that brings together Celtic music enthusiasts, experts and artists to explore and celebrate the rich and diverse traditions of Celtic music in an event designed to be equally informative, inspiring, and entertaining.

Created by Grammy nominated Irish singer Éabha McMahon, along with her creative management team, the Celtic World initiative focuses on creating unforgettable experiences in the form of very special unique events and concerts, using only the highest quality of Irish talent, with many of the performers being globally established names from the most successful international touring shows. Celtic World will also serve as a platform to introduce exceptional new undiscovered talent to a worldwide audience


The inaugural three day Forum event, held in September 2023, comprised a mix of talks, panels and workshops all connected to the world of Irish Traditional. Folk and Celtic Music, followed on each evening by specially created concerts featuring the very best of Celtic talent. Speakers and performers at this event included Mairead Nesbitt, Orla Fallon, Mairead Carlin, Michael McGlynn, Systir, Emma Langford, Caitriona Sherlock, Sean McElwain and Padraic Moyles.

There was also a very special 'Celtic World At Christmas' concert in the stunning St Nicholas' Church in Galway which featured along with Éabha and the band, Megan Walsh, Susan McFadden, Tara Howley, Fergus Cahilane, James Greenan, Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard.

Our annual flagship 3 day event, the Celtic World Forum will be held this year from the 5th September to 7th September 2024. Once again it will all take place at the Irish Institute Of Music & Song (IIMS) in Balbriggan, North County Dublin. The campus provides onsite, everything needed for the event and this year we will present our three concerts in the newly opened Lark Concert Hall

We will continue to look, both in Ireland and internationally, at opportunities for events throughout the year held under the Celtic World umbrella that follow our ethos of providing the highest quality of Celtic talent to provide bespoke musical performances, with every aspect of the show carefully thought out and curated to ensure a completely enthralling and captivating experience from start to finish.



The concerts were held at nearby St. George’s Church, which only made things even more special. Each night’s concert was different. The set list was full of traditional Irish tunes and well known songs plus some original music which centred around the Irish tradition’.

'Éabha said several times that one of her goals was to bring artists together to celebrate Irish music and that indeed happened. One of the things that made made these concerts so special, in addition to the sheer beauty of the music and the environment, was seeing all of these amazing artists come together under one roof’

‘Eabha said one of the most important goals for the forum was to break down the barrier between artist and fan, musician and listener, performer and audience. And to make Traditional Irish music accessible to people from all over the world, in an immersive and exciting way. Looking back after the event I have to say that she accomplished that goal and so much more’.

‘Thank you seems an insufficient word for our experience’. You created something extraordinary for everyone who attended. The music was incredible, but beyond that to be immersed in traditional Irish music and to learn from artists that we have admired for years, the feelings of inclusion and acceptance and membership in a unique community. That you were able to assemble such an exceptional group of artists is testament to the depth of trust and respect you inspire’.

‘Providing an environment where people are reminded of their worth and their potential, and where they can find the confidence to express themselves are things, that as teachers, we quickly learned were essential. No one can learn and grow without them’.

‘To see such passion and willingness to share and collaborate was truly inspiring. I have been trying to find something like this for many years and you have created it. I hope to attend for many years to come’.

‘Thank you for creating this special space for well known artists but also for up and coming artists in Irish music. I saw how you looked after them all and that was also very refreshing to see. The world needs more events like this one. The weekend far exceeded any expectations I had, and my expectations were high’

‘The Forum is still the highlight of my holiday. It was truly amazing! You did a superb job of organising the entire event, every detail was considered. The artists were fantastic, I still have flashbacks to the incredible concerts and information shared by the artists in their forum sessions and workshops. I learned so much about Irish music in just three days. A unique event and I am so grateful to you for arranging everything. It was a truly unforgettable experience!’.

‘What an incredible event! We loved everything about it, spending time with so many great people, the talks and workshops all about Irish Music were wonderful, the song circle was so much fun, the food was delicious, and the concerts were electric with so much talent all in one place’.

‘It was all absolutely brilliant and we're excited to attend in the future as well. We have been avid fans of Irish music for decades, but we have never experienced anything like this event. So innovative, unique and educational. Thank you for a magical and educational few days!’.

‘So many informative talks and activities to help us to learn all about traditional Irish music. The workshops, the song circles, the tasty meals, and the interactions with the artists were so much fun. And those concerts ... WOW!!!! Kudos to the band as well, those arrangements and the artists who performed them were phenomenal! I have never heard traditional music played in that way. So many artists just doing what they love most’.

‘As for the artists, and all of those involved with the performances, what can we say other than ‘Thank You’ because, for us you introduced us to new music and talent that we are likely to have never experienced had we not attended your event’.

‘What a terrific time we all had. I will carry those memories for the rest of my life. I learned so much about traditional Irish Music and watching and learning from the artists who attended is an experience I will never forget'.

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