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Celtic World Forum is a new immersive experience that brings together Celtic music enthusiasts, experts and artists to explore and celebrate the rich and diverse traditions of Celtic music.

Created by Grammy nominated Irish singer Éabha McMahon, along with her creative management team, the Celtic World Forum initiative focuses on creating unique and unforgettable events and concerts, all designed to be equally informative, inspiring, and entertaining.


The inaugural three day Forum event was held in September this year and comprised a mix of talks, panels and workshops all connected to the world of Irish Traditional. Folk and Celtic Music, followed on each evening by specially created concerts featuring the very best of Celtic talent.  This event will be an annual gathering in Ireland and dates and details for the 2024 event will be announced soon.


In addition, there will be occasional concerts and events throughout the year held under the Celtic World umbrella that will follow our ethos of providing the highest quality of Celtic talent to provide a bespoke musical performance, with every aspect of the show carefully thought out and curated to ensure a completely enthralling and captivating experience from start to finish.



‘Celtic World at Christmas’ is our presentation for December 2023. Hosted by Éabha McMahon, this specially curated concert will feature a wealth of talented artists. Exceptional vocalists and renowned musicians will come together in a celebration for the Christmas season with a uniquely Irish twist to it.

Performers on the night will include;

Éabha McMahon, Tara Howley, Susan McFadden, Megan Walsh,

James Greenan, Fergus Cahillane, Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard.

The concert will feature classic Christmas songs, alongside traditional pieces, exciting collaborations and contemporary covers, all choreographed to provide the ultimate Irish Christmas experience.

**We have decided to make a limited number of 1 or 2 day only tickets available.

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